It's no secret that we love making our own nut milk! A homemade batch of plant-based milk is simply delicious, but that's actually not the only reason why the bag is one of our kitchen must-haves. In today's blog post, we are sharing 5 alternative ways to use a nut milk bag and we think that you will get surprised by how versatile this handy kitchen tool is!    

1. Juice

If you already have a blender or food processor, you really don't need to spend money on an expensive juicer as well. With help from a nut milk bag, you can easily make fresh and pulp-free juice from home in a matter of minutes!

Add whatever fruit or vegetables you would like to a blender together with a bit of water and blend for about a minute. Strain it through the nut milk bag and enjoy! The leftover pulp can be added to bakeware or homemade date/granola bars for some extra taste and fiber - yum!

2. Sprouting

You can use a nut milk bag to make nutritious sprouted nuts, seeds, grains and beans.

Simply place your ingredient of choice in the bag and soak it in water overnight. Drain the bag in the morning and hang it in its drawstrings over your sink or a bowl. Rinse it with water once a day. After a few days, you’ll see that tiny sprouts begin to appear and they are now ready to eat. Add the sprouts to salads, sandwiches, stir-frys or whatever you would like! 

 3. Cold-brew coffee

Cold-brew is one of the most popular coffee drinks right now and it can easily be made at home. You don’t need any special cold-brew equipment to make cold-brew coffee - a nut milk bag will do the job perfectly!

In a pinch, the bag can also be used as a strainer for regular hot coffee if you've run out of filters.

 4. Cheese

Yes, that right - you can make homemade cheese and vegan cheese with help from a nut milk bag! Most recipes require to drain the liquid from the cheese at some point and this is when you want to grab a nut milk bag. The bag makes an excellent alternative to single-use cheesecloth and the shape makes it easy to drain and shape the cheese.

 5. Yogurt

As with homemade cheese, you can also use the nut milk bag to make homemade greek yogurt, plant-based labneh etc, which are thicker yogurts that also require draining.

A quick google search will give you lots of amazing recipes on homemade yogurt and cheese, but let us know down below if you would like us to make a blog post with some of our favorite vegan yogurt and cheese recipes.