About Us

Eco Rituals is a New Zealand company offering eco-friendly products in NZ. Co-founders Shai and Chris started Eco Rituals out of their learnings from their travels - to live and take an organised, sustainable, and minimalist approach to life. Through these ideas, Eco Rituals was born.

Eco Rituals’ products encourage customers to declutter and organise their space and at the same time, promote a zero waste, minimalist, and low-impact lifestyle. Eco Rituals' mission is to propel a low waste lifestyle with trendy, affordable, and quality alternatives.

Their products include bamboo spice jars, spice racks, bamboo shelves, reusable silicone bags, and other sustainable products designed to organise and simplify your space. Eco Rituals wants you to make the greenest choice with convenient options for the everyday consumer.

Eco Rituals’ range of high-quality storage solutions is affordable, designed to last, aesthetically pleasing. The company is also fully committed to using environmentally friendly packaging. All of their cardboard comes from responsible sources and is 100% recyclable. For their fragile products, Eco Rituals only uses sustainable wrapping paper that is an excellent alternative to traditional bubble wrap. Even their thank you cards are made from 100% recycled paper.